Clearview staff are professionally trained and fully bonded, with the experience to tackle any job.

Maintaining today’s homes can present some real challenges to homeowners, from the smallest to the tallest houses. From two storey gutters to high windows, the size and heights of these properties means homeowners must have specific tools and experience to do basic maintenance and cleaning of their home. 

Working in Halifax and the surrounding areas, Clearview staff are professionally trained, fully bonded, with the tools and experience to tackle jobs like window cleaning (interior and exterior), gutter cleaning and repair, gutter guard installation, pressure washing siding, decks, caulking, and more. 

For every project, regardless of size, we use the same high standards that have made us the preferred maintenance partner for some of the most recognizable properties in HRM and surrounding areas. 

You can rely on our extensive expertise and experience as well as an outstanding safety record.